Thursday, 7 June 2012



a friend is one that know u as u are, understand where u have been, accept what u have become, and still gently allows you to grow. a true friend is someone who thinks that u are good egg even though he knows that u are slightly cracked.

friendship isn't about who come first. it's all about who come and never left. doesn't matter who she is. understanding is what is important. to my friend, if u need to talk i will listen, if u need to cry i will hold u, if u feel lost i will help guide u, if u need to be angry i will let u, if u are feeling afraid i will comfort u, if u are feeling attacked, i will be ur defense. if u need to learn awhile, i will give u a shoulder. if u are feeling unsure i will be ur confidence. if u are feeling alone i will be a friend who not leave u.

as we go, we remember all the times we had together. and as our life change from whatever we will still be a friend. friend is like a sunset u may be sharing with them only a few hours of the day but u know they will always be there, tomorrow, the next day and the day after..

i just want to remind u that i love u a lot and thanks god everyday for blessing me with friend that is simply amazing. so when u think there is one who understand or cares..remember that i love u and try to smile.


  1. True fren will always be our side. :)

  2. Assalamualaikum (^_^) datang follow blog ni. Follower yang ke- 218 .

    Nanti jikalau ade kelapangan , awak tinggalkan jejak link blog awak di sini ya Exchange link

    nanti saya dapat Blogwalking awak selalu (^_^)

    Hope dapat jadi rakan yang sejati dalam blogger ni ya , kita gunakan peluang ini sebaiknya untuk mengeratkan lagi hubungan antara 2 blogger (^^_)
    Salam perkenalan ; ) sekali lagi dari Fariz Reza .

    1. wsalam awk..nanti sy hit awk balik
      slm perkenalan jugak :)

  3. and when you got that types of appreciate them well.

    1. kau termasuk jenis and spesies 2 dah..kih3

  4. do appreciate friend but sometimes friend don't even care about us